What about the Logo?

The logo of AVIX represents the structure of a software system. The left part of the logo represents a distilled form of chaos. It represents the chaos that can exist in a software system if it lacks structure, structure that can be obtained by applying AVIX.

To the right of the logo, the chaos changes to structure. The idea is that AVIX will help in establishing this structure by offering services and products that enable this structure.

The actual incarnation of the structured part of the logo is represented by five threads running in parallel. Since parallelism in computers is a pseudo kind of parallelism, where the actual processor is shared between the different threads, this is also shown in the logo. The little white squares represent a moment in time the thread they belong to is active and actually is running. At any given moment, looking in a vertical direction, only one white square can be seen, representing the fact that the parallelism is pseudo parallelism and the processor can only do one thing at any given moment.

The activation of the five threads in the logo happen to be such that looking from a distance, the 'activation pattern' forms the word AVIX, thereby representing the fact that AVIX helps to bring structure to chaos. Using Thread Activation Tracing, the unique tracing mechanism offered by AVIX, the distilled form of the name AVIX can be shown on a logic analyzer as is shown in the figure below, which shows the output of an AVIX based program created especially to show this name.


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